Evolution of Dog

A Digital(Bulldog) Evolution

It's 2020, the world has gone nuts, so here at Bulldog's Kennel we decided to deploy what little sanity remains on a new look for DigitalBulldog. Combining our red and blurple colour scheme with our traditional bulldog logo, we've created a stylish new look fit for the beginning of the 21st century's third decade. It's simpler, brighter, and a bit less "aggressive" than our traditional bulldog icon, and will feature prominently going forward in all our material, both online and print.

Bulldog thought it would be fun, now that this is finished, to highlight the evolution of DigitalBulldog's logos over the past 10 years. The slideshow below takes it from the hazy days of Bulldog S.I.T.S through DigitalBulldog IT & Web Support, to the current era,

Want to see some of our other active projects? Check out our portfolio here.


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