Our client services include

Website design

DigitalBulldog creates, designs and builds stunning SEO-friendly websites. We take care of everything from concept to creation, design to deployment. Our websites are fully search engine optimised to drive new clients and purchases to your business.

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Managed Social Media

An online presence doesn't stop at a website. DigitalBulldog's social media channel services include: design, regular creative posting, handling responses and mentions, and advertising creation. Available for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Brand Development

You only have mere seconds to make an impression online. DigitalBulldog's creative branding service has you covered, whether you are a sole trader or a multinational, new or existing. Get Dog for memorable, imaginative, creative branding.

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Logo design

One of the most important requirements for any modern business is a modern logo that works across formats, from signage to screen to print. We'll work with you to create a concept you'll love and new clients will notice. Our logo design service works great in conjunction with our branding service.

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Ad & Media creation

Website? Done. Social media? Managed. Advertising? We design print and online advertising to your specifications to get your name and product noticed, to help you get new clients and new sales. Works great in conjunction with our copywriting service for your blogs and articles.

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Domains & Hosting

Every website needs a domain name, and every website needs hosting. Our affordable plans are available monthly or yearly, and we work with leading domain registrars to get the perfect domain name for your company, product or service, fully managed.

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A brief history of Dog.

DigitalBulldog IT & Web Services logo

Dave, aka "Bulldog" (a long-standing nickname, it's a long story), founded Bulldog Specialist IT Services (Bulldog S.I.T.S.) in London, UK, back in the heady days of 2012, and then in 2013 launched DigitalBulldog Web Design as the website and graphics arm of Bulldog S.I.T.S.  With Bulldog S.I.T.S., the aim was to do IT different to the norm, to break with stuffy tradition and help out the underdog rather than chasing parked cars high-value but soulless SLA contracts. With DigitalBulldog Web Design, Bulldog aimed to put to good use over a decade of image engineering, mad ideas and design skills to build websites that looked good and were fun to use.

In 2015, both brands merged under the DigitalBulldog identity as DigitalBulldog IT & Web Services. In 2018, Bulldog opted to change things up a bit, we're now DigitalBulldog Web Solutions, as "we don't just provide a service, we provide a solution". Due to increased demand for our web services, we've dropped the IT support side of things. Bulldog is a CompTIA-certified and experienced IT engineer with a background in IT, website and graphics solutions stretching back over a decade.

As of 2019, we will no longer be accepting new contracts for "legacy" HTML-based websites, and will focus on responsive builds using WordPress and other CMS-based foundations.


Some examples of our work


What our clients say about us...

Our new website looks great and very user friendly. DigitalBulldog worked with us every step of the way to create our brand and online identity. It looks amazing, we’re very pleased!

- Dr C.G. Barratt, Farleigh Dental

Farleigh Dental

So, there I was, with a couple of books published, but at a complete loss as to how to proceed with the whole ‘I need an official website, now’ thing. DigitalBulldog was perfect, managing the domain and hosting solution, working with me to design my official site from the ground up.

- Mark W. Bonnett, somewhere in the Cynos Union.

Mark W. Bonnett

Science ficton author

Our office computer got infected with ransomware, demanding that we pay hundreds of pounds to have our data “unlocked”. DigitalBulldog not only removed the malware but installed and taught us how to use a backup system computer to protect our documents, and advised how to avoid getting reinfected. First class service!

- Mike Jessop, Jessop Landscaping.

Mike Jessop

Small business owner

When my laptop wouldn’t start up, it could have cost me a contract with a new client! I needed it to run a Powerpoint presentation for a potential client and had no backups (silly me!). DigitalBulldog installed a new hard drive and were able to recover all my documents. Got the client too! So grateful!

- Thalia Jones

Thalia Jones

Marketing consultant

Design and branding for tomorrow, today.

From concept to execution, don't get done, get DigitalBulldog.


To arrange a consultation (new clients) or request support (existing clients), send us a message.

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