Farleigh Clinic: 2015-2020

Farewell, Farleigh Clinic: 2015-2020

The Farleigh Clinic team regretfully informed us in June that they would not be reopening due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation and following the retirement of their senior staffer, Pauline. We mentioned this previously on the Clinic project page, but decided we'd post a more in-depth tribute on the Blog.

Bulldog was originally a bit uncertain about this project back in 2015, due to the client's required colour scheme - lime green and fuschia pink. Regardless, Bulldog made a go of it and made it work. Over the subsequent years however, Bulldog did assert some creative control, and a softer colour pallette found its way on to the site.

The build for Farleigh Clinic had required a LOT of research, specifically into the treatments offered. We would need to figure out how to make the treatments appealing, without making anyone... well, squeamish. Bulldog had to put his paw down on a couple of things, including the fact that Botox and any variant of the word is a registered trademark. Any Botox-type product that isn't actually the Botox brand can't be called Botox treatment (or even botox treatment). Yes, some sites specifically mention Botox/botox, even if they're not using that brand, but it could open them up to expensive legal challenges for the client AND for us. Best avoided, so we settled on "Wrinkle Relaxation" as the compromise name for that treatment.

Staff members came and went at Farleigh Clinic, including one who promised much in the way of increased contact and new content. Unfortunately she left before we could implement any of that, and we wished her all the best in her future endeavours. The one constant at Farleigh Clinic, alongside owner Cavan, was the legendary Pauline. Always friendly and loved by her colleagues and clients alike, Pauline's decision to take a well-earned and well-deserved retirement in 2020 in part led to the understandable decision to stand the business down. With the beauty and aesthetics business still adversely affected by the ongoing pandemic, only the biggest fishes stand a chance of coming through the other side.

Over the years, we evolved the logo we'd originally designed back in 2015, but always keeping a version of what we dubbed the "Farleigh Face" icon, and usually the "Farleigh Flow" curved lines. The final work we did for Farleigh Clinic was to announce the closure, with this subtle custom graphic:

We'll miss Farleigh Clinic, and we wish all their staff all the best, wherever the path may take them. Lastly, we'd like to wish Pauline all the very best and a happy and long retirement.

Farleigh Clinic has no connection to the current resident of their premises, Farleigh Medical.

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