Farleigh Dental Covid-19 reopening

Farleigh Dental Covid-19 information update

Client: Farleigh Dental, Date: 2020

Farleigh Dental, one of our longest-standing clients, commissioned us to create a new interactive information section for their reopening after the pandemic lockdown.

What we did:

Our client wanted a PowerPoint-style slideshow on the website to show what their patients could expect, when they reopened after the lockdown. Supplying us with an actual PowerPoint slideshow, we took that a step further, creating a user-interactive embedded information showcase. The showcase displays instructions which their patients must follow in order to attend their dental appointments. The scale of the slideshow is almost akin to two new sites in itself, requiring separate versions for standard desktop view and for mobile/tablet view. Using attributable images, along with ones custom designed by DigitalBulldog, and photos supplied by the client, our aim was to meet the requirement, providing clear and concise instructions.

Placing this new "super-page" at the head of the site hierarchy, the information is now the first thing visitors see when landing on our client's website. To access the main website, visitors need to click through and agree to the new instructions and restrictions.

In addition, we created a video version suitable for posting on Facebook, and a printable PDF version which our client can hand out to their patients or can be downloaded from the website.

While working on the Farleigh Dental site with all this, Bulldog also changed some details as per client requirements, and made further improvements to the website layout and colour palette. We're dogdamn proud of this one.

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