Tonic Bar, Hisaronu

Tonic Bar - entertainment venue & bar

Client: Tonic Bar

Tonic Bar ( is a bar and entertainment venue in the resort of Hisaronu, near Fethiye in Turkey, established in 2018. The owner commisioned us to create a logo for the new bar, prior to opening.

What we did:

Ferdi already had the name for the bar, build and fit-out was underway, so time was of the essence! We went through a dozen or more concepts, but then we realised we were overthinking things. We saw that some of the prime attractions of the new venue are the range of cocktails served, and gins. Gins are, after all, cool nowadays. Therefore we went basic on the typeface, and swapped out the "o" in Tonic for a sliced up lime, in bright green. Perfect, and on-topic. Tonic Bar has the logo proudly on the front of the bar itself at their highly popular venue.

We enjoyed this project, simple as it was, and we realised not everything has to be overthought and overcomplicated. Sometimes a simple concept is the best concept!

If you find yourself in the beautiful resort of Hisaronu, pop in to Tonic Bar for a refreshing drink. Tell 'em DigitalBulldog recommended your visit.

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