Who let the Dog out? part 2

Escaping the confines of the capital

It's done. DigitalBulldog IT & Web Services has escaped the concrete confines of old Londinium and has relocated to the greener pastures of central England. Up here, Bulldog will be able to run around the hills and chase things Bulldog and his family have more space, we're closer to extended family and aim to enjoy a far better quality of life. Rest assured, we will continue to provide the same excellent level of service to our web and design clients as before. As most of our support requests are remote support, Bulldog doesn't anticipate any significant impact on client provision.

"The green green grass of (new) home"

After many years in the capital, the time to depart arrived. If you've lived in London for any length of time, you know how expensive it is to live there, and that's no exception for us. Moving out of London affords Bulldog the opportunity to expand the business and to live a better quality of life. After all, there are so many other dogs in this business in London, and many of them haven't had their rabies shots! Cleaner air! Grass and fields and countryside! Space to move! Possibly even enough space to swing the cat (but only when he really really misbehaves). Any questions relating to our move, feel free to message us.

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