Farleigh Clinic – facial treatments

Client: Farleigh Clinic, Date: 2015 - 2020

Farleigh Dental (farleighdental.co.uk) contracted us to create a site and branding for their new medical aesthetic facial treatments.

Update 29th July 2020: Due to the retirement of a key team member and as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, Farleigh Clinic ceased trading at the end of June 2020. It's been our pleasure to work with the Farleigh Clinic team for the past five years and we'd like to wish Pauline a very happy retirement.

What we did:

As with Farleigh Dental, we again took care of all the requirements. This included the name and creating everything from logo to website and signage.

We researched the products and treatments offered by the client’s new business. By directly contacting the treatment and equipment suppliers/manufacturers we were able to ensure accuracy of the new site's content.  Ensuring clients both existing and new could find clear and concise information about the treatments available was essential. We also had to make sure that we covered all potential legalities, to protect not just the client but also ourselves.

The highly-interactive site was designed to provide clear and accurate information about the client’s services, in addition to contact details for the business. We had recently given the site a complete overhaul, with a more modern look and clearer patient info.

Farleigh Clinic has no connection to the current resident of their premises, Farleigh Medical.

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