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getting remote supportGet remote support

Our remote support services, powered by Remote Utilities LLC, provide a one-off secure remote connection session. All data between your device and our systems is encrypted using secure encryption algorithms (a 2048-bit public key and AES with a 256-bit session key).
Once completed, you may delete the agent app, and we will be unable to access your device again unless you create a new support session by downloading and running the Agent app again, providing the new connection details as required. We usually use this for setting up domain email accounts on our clients' machines, though it does provide us a remote support option too.
Please note we no longer use Avira Answers as a remote support tool since they dropped LogMeIn Rescue and moved to a Teamviewer model.
Only download the support agent if 1) we have arranged a remote support session, 2) you agree to our terms and conditions.

Things we do with remote support

DigitalBulldog Web Solutions provides remote support for some of our services including email account setup/software installation and website usage tutorials. Starting at just £35 per hour (terms and conditions apply, minimum  charge 1 hour, £45 per hour evenings after 7pm and weekends). Terms and conditions apply - see Remote Support Terms  and Conditions.

Examples of when our remote support can help:

  • Email software installation and account setup — If you use Windows versions from XP through to 10 and server versions from 2003 onwards, we can arrange a remote support session to configure your email account(s). If necessary we can install the software too. Sorry we can't remotely support MacOS at this time.
  • Live tutorials — When it's not practical to arrange a site visit, we can arrange a live remote session to show you how to get the best from your new website.
  • Troubleshooting — Sorry we no longer provide active troubleshooting (malware removal, software upgrades etc) to non-website clients unless by special arrangement.

remote support - things we don't doThings we don't do with remote support

While we can do a lot with a remote support session, sometimes it's impossible without breaking the space-time continuum so we recommend a site visit during office hours instead for any tricky unremoteable issues. Terms and conditions apply - see Remote Support Terms  and Conditions.

  • Tech support - we no longer provide tech support services unless by special arrangement, and to website clients only. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Software support - DigitalBulldog Web Solutions can support only applications and software needed for your email and/or website.
  • Mobile device support - It's unfortunately not possible to remote connect to either an Android or iOS (Apple) device, but we can talk you through setup for email software etc.
  • Mac/Apple computers - Macs and other Apple devices won't run our remote connection software, but we can talk you through setup for email software etc.

remote support terms and condtionsRemote IT support Terms & Conditions

We use a remote support service, powered by Remote Utilities LLC, which provides a one-off secure remote connection session. All remote support sessions through this service are encrypted using secure encryption algorithms (a 2048-bit public key and AES with a 256-bit session key). We will never ask you for any details other than connection details where relevant, and which the support agent app provides in order to actuate the remote support session. Once completed, you may delete the agent app, and we will be unable to access your device again unless you create a new support session by downloading and running the agent app again, providing the new connection details as required.
  • Remote support sessions are billed at £35GBP per hour Monday to Friday, £45 per hour weekdays after 7pm and all day Saturday & Sunday.
  • This service is available to existing clients (or new clients for whom we are in-build) only.
  • We may require that you digitally sign (by return email) an agreement of authorisation to access your device, and we will invoice you following completion of your remote support session.
  • By instigating a remote session, you accept that we reserve the right to digitally record the remote screen session for:
    • Staff training purposes — no identifying information will be stored.
    • Evidence of the session in the event of payment dispute.
    • Circumstances as may be required for purposes of law enforcemen.


What our clients say about us...

Facebook Posts from DigitalBulldog Web Solutions

Been a little quiet on the posting lately, so let's have something new...
Introducing "Internet Corporate Villain Of The Week!"

We noticed this week that, back in March of this year, Dropbox had sneakily snuck in a new restriction. Free Dropbox accounts are now limited to just 3 devices, so if you want to use more than 3 devices with a free account you're forced to sign up for their not-cheap-by-any-means plans. That somehow passed us by back in March, in a "we don't think Dropbox told us of this change" sort of way.

Given that Google provide more space - 15GB FOR FREE - with a GMail account than Dropbox's piddling 2GB, and other good providers like PCloud give up to 11GB FOR FREE and out-price them on paid plans, we decided to make Dropbox our inaugural INTERNET CORPORATE VILLAIN OF THE WEEK.

Seriously, are they deliberately trying to get everyone to leave them?
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5 months ago

DigitalBulldog Web Solutions

Scam email of the week!

An email arrived in the spam folder claiming to be from Facebook, claiming that there was a sign-in from a new device. Ohreally? On investigation, it's designed to catch out the unwary and those who go "ohmygod! click click!" at first sight, so in our attached screenshot we've added notes and dissected it to see what's actually there.

For information on how to find out if Facebook have sent you a legitimate email - and a list of legitimate ones - go here: You can also report suspected phishing and scam emails to Facebook at

Don't get done, folks. Be wise to these crooks. Use a different password for your Facebook to what you use elsewhere, never use the same pass as you use for the email account you sign in with. Even consider using a separate email address for your Facebook account.
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It's time for... SCAM EMAIL OF THE WEEK!

This lil doozy arrived in our spam folder last week (which is absolutely the right place for it). Not everyone will be lucky enough to have a well-trained spam filter though, so we're here to help you spot the scam.

Trying to pretend it's a legit email from GMail, about us supposedly requesting termination of our account, it wants us to reply which will almost certainly then ask for username, password and more. Yeh sure... We'll just go right ahead and give you access to our emails and bank account details. GTF. 😂

Like a legitimate email from your bank, Google will never ask you for your password other than in their normal sign in screens, etc. If you get an email asking for your password, you can be guaranteed that it isn't from Google/Gmail.

Now, in the screenshot of the offending email, it's a bit messed up due to pitifully-bad formatting of the email itself, but you can see the email address it came from is clearly nothing to do with either GMail or Google. The email addresses these claim to be from will vary.

Stuff like this usually happens because your email address, no matter how carefully you protect it yourself, ends up on some scammer's list. More often than not, it's because someone you sent an email to wasn't as careful as you, and something hoovered up their address book or compromised their account.

Always sign in to your Google Account securely by entering the address into your browser’s address bar or via a trusted app.

You can report a suspected scam/phishing email directly from your GMail account. Sign in through the proper GMail/Google page, open the suspect email, and NEXT to reply click on the 3 vertical dots ⋮ (might be labelled "more"), and in the list you should see "Report phishing". Do it, report it and get these foul phishy scammers dealt with.

Don't get scammed, and stay safe out there.
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"We are no longer the Knights Who Say Ni!", as Monty Python famously said. We're also not after a shrubbery, nor do we want anyone to "cut down the mightiest tree in the forest... with a herring!". We are changing our name, however, like the Knights.

As time has passed we've found less requirement for our IT support services, and more for our website-related services. We'll still provide IT support to existing clients, but our core focus is now on providing website and graphics solutions. To that end, we're no longer "DigitalBulldog IT & Web Services", we're DigitalBulldog Web Solutions. Same dog, less trees to bark up.🌲🐕🌳
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