Mark W. Bonnett

Client: Mark W. Bonnett, Date: 2015

Science fiction author Mark W. Bonnett commissioned DigitalBulldog to create a site to promote his books and their associated fictional universe. Far from just advertising the product and helping to push up sales, Mr Bonnett wanted to showcase the universe he had built – the Cynos Union from species to planets, technology, even an actual soundtrack to his works!

What we did:

As an accomplished writer and graphic artist, Mr Bonnett supplied a great deal of text content and graphics to ensure the site functions as a virtual graphical extension to his prose. Working closely with Mr Bonnett, DigitalBulldog then took care of layout and construction. Currently in version 2, DigitalBulldog will once again team with Mr Bonnett for version 3 in time for the next chapter in the Cynos Union series.

Working with Mr Bonnett proved to be a ridiculous amount of fun. Many late nights and long evenings were laid to waste, interspersed wth random heavy metal, squirrels and space weasels.

Mr Bonnett shares Bulldog’s sense of humour (worryingly) so there’s a lot of in-jokes written by both of them!

Visit the Cynos Union universe at where you can find links to buy the books.

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