Bonnatron's Tinkering Shed

Bonnatron’s Tinkering Shed

The Client: Bonnatron's Tinkering Shed, Date: 2016

Bonnatron's Tinkering Shed (BTS) designs bespoke add-ons for a very well-known range of mode-altering action figures. This range of action figures have been around in one for or another since the early 1980s. They've even had some (divisive) movies. BTS already had some online presence, including 3D printing marketplace Shapeways and social media channels, but no dedicated website. BTS wanted a portal that could serve as a unified link to all of these, whilst making BTS look shiny and awesome.

What we did:

Requirements were relatively open and simple. We opted for a CMS-optimised site to enable BTS to post their own updates and content..

Unfortunately, Bonnatron decided to stand down the BTS website as of July 2017, citing a preference to channel the money saved into further product development, and the site has gone the way of a Monty Python parrot.

Despite the demise of the BTS website, Bonnatron's Tinkering Shed continues to design and create exceptional standalone third-party transmogrificating action figures and uniquely brilliant add-ons for the "official" ones. You can visit the Facebook page for Bonnatron's Tinkering Shed and see what ideas he's tinkering with now.

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