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Complete website design and management solutions

Your website is an extension of you and your brand, it's you on the internet. It’s the first port of call for clients and customers to find out about you and your product, service or brand. We take care of everything from site design to branding including logo design to site build and social media management. You can look after your business, band, or product while we take care of the hard work and explain everything that’s needed in plain English. We build in both WordPress and traditional HTML/CSS.

Our current portfolio includes customisation kits for a certain range of mode-switching robot figures, universe-spanning works of fiction, dental clinics, facial aesthetic salons, and online magazines. Smaller custom design projects include online fan communities and local businesses.

Like all good designers we evolve and tinker with our designs until we’re happy with the finished result, and even afterwards where we think something can be made even better or at a client’s request. You’re on one of our designs right now - our own site, DigitalBulldog.co.uk!

We build in both HTML5/CSS (legacy sites only) and WordPress (fully screen size-responsive). The majority of our new commissions are WordPress, and we expect to convert most if not all of our legacy HTML/CSS sites to WordPress or similar CMS system. With Google knocking non-responsive websites down their search rankings, it makes sense to have a fully-responsive, search engine-friendly site.

DigitalBulldog IT & Web Services provides everything you need for your site, including procurement and management of your domain name, hosting for the website, and everything from help with branding to logo design and business photography.

  • Website design, hosting & management
  • Social media design & management
  • Logo and branding concept to design
  • Pay monthly options for site & social media management
  • Free, no-obligation estimate
  • Loyalty discounts for repeat clients
  • Professional business photography through our preferred partner

Contact us for a free consultation. Don’t get done, get DigitalBulldog!

Social media management solutions

Your online presence doesn't just stop with a website. This isn't the 20th century and we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto! DigitalBulldog will manage your social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, taking care of everything including:

  • Page design and branding
  • Establishing a social media presence through top social media channels and networks
  • Regular promotional posts
  • Craft valuable content to meet your needs and expectations with:
    • Advertising design and creation
    • Regular promotional posts tailored to your products/services
  • Professional business photography through our preferred partner
  • Engage with users to create new relationships that compel them to purchase or use your product or service, and move them to recommend you to others.

DigitalBulldog's social media management is tailored to your requirements and starts from just £50.00 a month, subject to our acceptance and to a 12-month agreement. Terms and conditions apply. See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Brand development and concepts

You've got your lease signed, but realise you still haven't thought of that all-important name. What to call it, what it should look like and what might be the best tag line are all important considerations. DigitalBulldog creates and designs branding, from names for your new business to an eye-catching modern logo to memorable tag lines. We'll take care of everything and liaise with you every step of the way.

Some of our recent branding work:

  • Farleigh Dental — DigitalBulldog was commissioned to create a new web presence for this new dental clinic, following their move from a location in another town. Desiring a new name for their new location, in addition to the new website, we also took on the task of creating a more most suitable name and designing an associated logo (see logo design, below). Additional work included designing media for the new business such as brochures and documentation (see ad & media creation, below).
  • Farleigh Clinic — A spin-off from Farleigh Dental, DigitalBulldog was commissioned to create an identity and web presence for their cosmetic medical treatments services. We took care of everything from the name to the logo to the website, with significant involvement in advertising and document creation.
  • RDS Decorating — Tasked by a South London-based decorator to create a web presence and help brand his business, DigitalBulldog created the new professional identity, updated the logo, designed and built the website, and created business cards, flyers and documentation for RDS Decorating.

Logo design

Decided on your name but can't decide how it should look? From dental clinics to decorators, DigitalBulldog creates and designs eye-catching professional logos that are sure to get your business noticed. We liaise with your preferred printing and signwriting companies to ensure the best result is achieved for your requirements.

Some current live examples of our logo designs:

Or click here  for examples of our conceptual logo designs.


Website? Done. Social media? Managed. Logo? Designed. Branding? Created. Advertising? We design advertising for both print & online requirements, to your specifications, to get your name out there and help you get new clients through your door.
Some examples of what we can do for you:
  • Online advertising
    • Facebook advertising
    • Google Adwords
  • Printed media advertising
    • Newspaper and magazine ad design
    • Flyer and business card design
  • Document design for your business including
    • Letterheads
    • Compliment slips
    • Headers for invoicing/quotes etc
    • Information documents
    • Brochures and leaflets
    • Professional business photography with our preferred partner

Contact DigitalBulldog for an informal chat about your requirements.

Small biz IT support

Most support companies like their clients to sign a Support Level Agreement (SLA), often 12 months or longer, charging per seat regardless of size. Smaller clients get pushed aside in favour of bigger richer clients. Outside of SLA contracts, on-demand costs can be traumatic. Not from us they’re not! DigitalBulldog does data security, backups, repairs & upgrades, infection removal, PC checkups, and onsite & remote support. All from just £35 per hour plus £35 call-out fee (terms and conditions apply, minimum  1 hour plus call-out fee, £45 per hour/call-out fee evenings after 7pm and weekends). In most cases we cap our call-outs at 5 hours, even if we're there longer.

Examples of how we can help your small business in its hours of IT need:

  • Help when it matters mostWhen your office systems are running slower than a sprinter on a track made of treacle, your business isn’t operating efficiently. Documents aren’t done on time, projects are processed late, and your head is hammering because of the trouble with your technology. Sometimes a simple checkup and maintenance visit, with a cleanup and de-fluff, is all it takes to keep things running right.
  • Security & protection — Welcome to the cheap suites? DigitalBulldog won’t recommend the cheapest security suite available, or possibly even one you’ve heard of before, but we will recommend you a security setup that will provide the maximum possible protection for a sensible amount of money.
    • Think of a security suite as a fighter pilot. Like a fighter pilot, every security suite should have a wingman, because nothing is 100% bulletproof. We’ll advise on respected and industry-leading software to secure your business as far as is humanly possible.
    • The obvious in-points to your data are infection through contaminated emails, but did you know that just by bringing in your own USB sticks to work, you put both your home PC and work systems at risk of infection? We run seminars on how to prevent infection.
    • DigitalBulldog provides no-commitment assessments of security suite requirements from as little as £35.
  • Installations, repairs and upgrades — Just like your car needs a service and new parts every now and then to keep it running smoothly, so do your computers. DigitalBulldog carries out both new workstation installations hardware and software upgrades to ensure the capabilities of legacy equipment meet your requirements.
    • New workstations: Need new machines installed but don't have the time in your schedule to do it? We can help. We specialise in Windows desktop/laptop machines and Android mobile devices/tablets, but can provide technical installation assistance for Apple too.
    • Memory upgrades: If new workstations aren’t in the budget, a memory upgrade can prolong the life and improve the performance of your legacy systems.
    • Hard drive upgrades: Over time, a hard drive wears down and becomes less efficient. A drive failure can result in a total loss of irreplaceable data.
    • Graphics card upgrades: Installing a new graphics card will help with display quality, video playback and framerates, and be a cost-effective method of upgrading an older machine. Older PCs sometimes use built-in graphics chips which are less powerful than installed graphics cards.
    • Power supplies and UPS:
      • We install new power supplies (desktop PCs only)
      • Uninterruptible power supply units (UPS) give you crucial time to save your work in the event of a local power failure
    • OS & Office upgrades:*  Operating system (OS) and Office suite upgrades on compatible systems (*valid licence required)
    • Newbies: Don’t leave it til their first day to set up a new user. We can get the new computer, email account and (if required) server account, set up and ready before their first day so your new employee can hit the ground running.

Remote support

Need Dog NOW? DigitalBulldog offers remote support for some of our services including malware removal, software installations and file recovery. Starting at just £35 per hour (terms and conditions apply, minimum  1 hour, £45 per hour evenings after 7pm and weekends). In most cases we cap our remote support charges at 5 hours, even if we're involved longer.

Examples of when our remote support can help:

  • Time-critical support — When there's a looming deadline and you can't wait for a site visit, we may be able to offer remote support to provide a rapid response to your troubles.
  • Security & protection — Opened an email attachment you wish you hadn't? Been hit by a rogue website's driveby infection? Browser corrupted by a dodgy toolbar? DigitalBulldog has over 10 years' experience in the safe removal of infections and data protection.
  • Installations, repairs and upgrades — We can't install hardware remotely, not until Star Trek-style transporters are invented. We can however install and upgrade your software, and fix many software-related problems, via a secure remote connection.

Paw here? to find out more.

Domains & Hosting

Every website needs a domain name, and every website needs hosting. Our affordable plans are available monthly or yearly, and we work with leading domain registrars to get the perfect domain name for your company, product or service, all fully managed. Our hosting fees are tailored to the size of your site, starting from just £10 per month.
  • The perfect domain — Choosing the right domain name - the means by which your company or product is identified on the internet - is as important as the name of your company or product. It should be short, easy to type, free of slang and memorable.
  • Hosting — We can host your shiny new website on our own shared platform, or we can use your existing hosting platform if you have one. We offer fully-managed hosting on our own platform.

Paw here? to find out more.


Not got the time to write and curate creative and engaging content? DigitalBulldog's Copywriting service provides exactly that. Our copywriting service provides content for everything from a blog page to company documentation for an intranet to an entire website, checked for sanity, spelling and grammar, search engine optimised.
  • Hiring a full time writer can be expensive, while hiring a freelance writer could prove costly and time consuming.
  • Bad copy is a deterrent to business. Well-written copy, whatever the requirement, should make people want to do business with you. Badly written copy, full of spelling mistakes and no punctuation, will have your customers running for the hills.
  • Get Dog! We have 20 years' experience researching for and writing for online magazines, blogs, resources and company documentation. Taking pride in our ability to deliver clear and concise copy, we  deliver quality text in plain English.
  • From just £45 per hour with fixed day rates and bundles also available.

Paw here? to find out more.


What our clients say about us...

Our new website looks great and very user friendly. DigitalBulldog worked with us every step of the way to create our brand and online identity. It looks amazing, we’re very pleased!

- Dr C.G. Barratt, Farleigh Dental

Farleigh Dental

So, there I was, with a couple of books published, but at a complete loss as to how to proceed with the whole ‘I need an official website, now’ thing. DigitalBulldog was perfect, managing the domain and hosting solution, working with me to design my official site from the ground up.

- Mark W. Bonnett, somewhere in the Cynos Union.

Mark W. Bonnett

Science ficton author

Our office computer got infected with ransomware, demanding that we pay hundreds of pounds to have our data “unlocked”. DigitalBulldog not only removed the malware but installed and taught us how to use a backup system computer to protect our documents, and advised how to avoid getting reinfected. First class service!

- Mike Jessop, Jessop Landscaping.

Mike Jessop

Small business owner

When my laptop wouldn’t start up, it could have cost me a contract with a new client! I needed it to run a Powerpoint presentation for a potential client and had no backups (silly me!). DigitalBulldog installed a new hard drive and were able to recover all my documents. Got the client too! So grateful!

- Thalia Jones

Thalia Jones

Marketing consultant

Facebook Posts from DigitalBulldog

2 months ago

DigitalBulldog Web Solutions

Scam email of the week!

An email arrived in the spam folder claiming to be from Facebook, claiming that there was a sign-in from a new device. Ohreally? On investigation, it's designed to catch out the unwary and those who go "ohmygod! click click!" at first sight, so in our attached screenshot we've added notes and dissected it to see what's actually there.

For information on how to find out if Facebook have sent you a legitimate email - and a list of legitimate ones - go here: www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-security/new-security-feature-reveals-if-facebook-mails-are-legit.... You can also report suspected phishing and scam emails to Facebook at phish@facebook.com.

Don't get done, folks. Be wise to these crooks. Use a different password for your Facebook to what you use elsewhere, never use the same pass as you use for the email account you sign in with. Even consider using a separate email address for your Facebook account.
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It's time for... SCAM EMAIL OF THE WEEK!

This lil doozy arrived in our spam folder last week (which is absolutely the right place for it). Not everyone will be lucky enough to have a well-trained spam filter though, so we're here to help you spot the scam.

Trying to pretend it's a legit email from GMail, about us supposedly requesting termination of our account, it wants us to reply which will almost certainly then ask for username, password and more. Yeh sure... We'll just go right ahead and give you access to our emails and bank account details. GTF. 😂

Like a legitimate email from your bank, Google will never ask you for your password other than in their normal sign in screens, etc. If you get an email asking for your password, you can be guaranteed that it isn't from Google/Gmail.

Now, in the screenshot of the offending email, it's a bit messed up due to pitifully-bad formatting of the email itself, but you can see the email address it came from is clearly nothing to do with either GMail or Google. The email addresses these claim to be from will vary.

Stuff like this usually happens because your email address, no matter how carefully you protect it yourself, ends up on some scammer's list. More often than not, it's because someone you sent an email to wasn't as careful as you, and something hoovered up their address book or compromised their account.

Always sign in to your Google Account securely by entering the address into your browser’s address bar or via a trusted app.

You can report a suspected scam/phishing email directly from your GMail account. Sign in through the proper GMail/Google page, open the suspect email, and NEXT to reply click on the 3 vertical dots ⋮ (might be labelled "more"), and in the list you should see "Report phishing". Do it, report it and get these foul phishy scammers dealt with.

Don't get scammed, and stay safe out there.
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"We are no longer the Knights Who Say Ni!", as Monty Python famously said. We're also not after a shrubbery, nor do we want anyone to "cut down the mightiest tree in the forest... with a herring!". We are changing our name, however, like the Knights.

As time has passed we've found less requirement for our IT support services, and more for our website-related services. We'll still provide IT support to existing clients, but our core focus is now on providing website and graphics solutions. To that end, we're no longer "DigitalBulldog IT & Web Services", we're DigitalBulldog Web Solutions. Same dog, less trees to bark up.🌲🐕🌳
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8 months ago

DigitalBulldog Web Solutions
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8 months ago

DigitalBulldog Web Solutions
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